A & D | Wedding Photographer in Bern, Switzerland

Another beautiful day as wedding photographer in Bern! They were supposed to be my first couple of the year, on May 16th, 2020. But then, Corona came. Nobody was quite sure how things would go on. Many couples postponed their weddings to the following year or even cancelled them completely. For us wedding photographers and for all the other service providers involved, this isn’t an easy situation. But A & D boldly decided to simply postpone the wedding for a little bit. And so, the wedding could be held on August 1st in the Zündkapselfabrik in Thun – on the birthday of Switzerland. It was incredibly hot, more than 30°C, and everything was sticky. A stark contrast to our engagement photoshoot in December, where we got to know each other in the icy and snowy cold. But despite the heat, it was a day I won’t soon forget. Sometimes, things just fit and then, work as a wedding photographer gets really fun.
After the very moving First Look in the Seefeld Gymnasium park in Thun (I’d have loved to go to school there, unbelievably beautiful!) and the subsequent couple photoshoot, we all went to the Blumenstein church in Pohlern, and the two of them said “I do”, accompanied by beautiful singing. The church and the evening location afterwards were both decorated wonderfully modestly but modern and with a love for detail by Tabea Wittwer. The final location was a joy in itself, because the Zündkapselfabrik is right by the river in Thun, which created a pleasant and cool summer atmosphere. And, most importantly for me, it was very beautifully lit. That way, the evening eventually came to a close for me and I drove back home to my dog who was waiting for me, tired, but happy.