Angela & Dave | Engagement Shoot in the Swiss Mountains

It’s the end of the year, the old wedding season is over, and the new one has not yet started, but the preparations for it have begun. It’s time to meet, to get acquainted with the fresh couples and do some engagement shoots with them! Engagement shoots are an excellent opportunity to get to know each other, discuss plans, and at the same time shoot some photos for the invitation cards. Angela & Dave will be the first in 2020, so we met just before the end of the year for an engagement shoot in the Swiss mountains. It seems as if there will be no snow in the lowlands this year. Not many people have planned skiing holidays (at least I haven’t), and so it was wonderfully refreshing to get the chance to breathe some crisp mountain air. I met Angela & Dave in the Gantrisch Nature Park in Bern. The place is very easily accessible by car, and so we got the chance to take pictures until after sunset and still didn’t have to walk back in the dark. The weather was perfect, and the two of them made it very easy for me. It was a perfect engagement shoot in the Swiss mountains – natural, fun, authentic. I think these engagement photos will look really good on the invitation cards. May can’t come quick enough; I am looking forward to their wedding!