Modern City Wedding in Zurich | Hotel Storchen

“Laugh until our stomachs hurt, cry tears of happiness, jump up and down with joy, and celebrate life and love with our family and friends.” This is how I & V described their wedding to me in their first email. I didn’t have to think about it for long! “Color scheme: dark pomegranate red, eggplant purple, artichoke green, and gold,” I could picture it vividly. It was to be a winter wedding, with a ceremony at the Stadthaus Zurich, a reception at the Hotel Storchen in Zurich, and a tram ride through Zurich, their beloved home town. And how lucky they were! You can’t tell from the photos that it was February, and you couldn’t feel it either. It could have been very different, but spring seemed to be making an early appearance. What a beautiful day it was! It ended in a lively celebration at the Restaurant Leafs in the Engimatt City & Garden Hotel, “because it’s in our neighborhood and nothing could make us happier than celebrating our love where it all began.” I felt the long day in my bones for a few days afterward, but it was worth it. Dear I&V – thank you for trusting me with taking your wedding pictures!