Chrissi & Silvan | Wedding Photographer in the St. Ursus Cathedral Solothurn, Switzerland

Ever since I saw this beautiful church for the first time, I dreamed about being booked as a wedding photographer in the St. Ursus Cathedral in Solothurn, Switzerland. Even though Chrissi and Silvan didn’t get married in the St.Ursus Cathedral itself, we had the chance to take some portraits in there. The whole day started with the getting ready in the beautiful La Couronne hotel in the old town of Solothurn. While organizing the last few things over the phone, Chrissi was made up by her sister and got dressed in her absolutely stunning wedding dress. Since their location for the ceremony was only a few hundred meters away, they all together walked from the hotel to the ceremony: Chrissi, her sister and her father. I absolutely loved it! Such a beautiful and meaningful thing to do, and an awesome opportunity for me to take pictures in an unposed and documentary style. The old town of Solothurn was crowded with people because there was an autumn festival that day, and I heard so many people whisper about how beautiful Chrissi looked! 🙂 After a short but very funny and heart-warming cermony (held by the sister and a good friend of the two), Chrissi and Silvan had their reception in a small park right next to the river. Then, finally, we left to take the portraits and strolled through the old town towards the St. Ursus Cathedral. There are so many spots to take the couple portraits in such a gorgeous place: Old buildings, colored walls, small alleys… and of course the cathedral! The light was absolutely breathtaking in there!

When we came back, a very special “car” was waiting for the two: a tractor! Since I am a rider myself, many of my clients are horse people, and so are these two! They run an equestrian center together, and while Chrissi is more responsible for the riding, Silvan looks after the farming part of the business… and that’s how they ended up driving through the old town of Solothurn in a tractor!  It was so incredibly cool. Thank you to all the involved people who made this such a special day – not just for the bride and groom, but also for me as their wedding photographer!